Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook should ban my family so I don’t have to see their political ignorance.

I’m pretty sure I’ve complained about Ryan’s family being conservative before, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the fact that my family has just as many crazies right leaning whack jobs people in it. Thanks to facebook, I am now aware of every dumb ass group my family decides to join and unfortunately there is no shortage of the “Impeach Obama” brouhaha on their pages.

Seriously, what is up with people?

I can totally understand being unhappy when someone of the opposing political party is making the decisions, but I still can’t wrap my head around all the vitriol that is directed at Obama.

Hey crazies, put down the black sharpies and stop drawing Hitler mustaches on everyone. It’s not cool.

As I noticed all the “Glenn Beck” and “Rush Limbaugh” fan groups my family belonged too, I started getting really irritated. Like their conservatism was some sort of personal affront to my intelligence or something. And then it dawned on me, they’re probably just as annoyed about me. (Especially since you might have noticed I’m not really discreet about my heathen liberal ways.) For some reason I never thought about how freggin bothersome it must be to constantly be challenged whenever they make obviously unsubstantiated claims around me.

While I’d like to claim that this epiphany has lead me to give up my argumentative ways and stop ruining Thanksgiving dinners with debates about gay marriage, I can’t. I’m still gonna be just as ornery and prone to rants as I’ve always been. It’s just the way I’m made (blame your god).

But I have learned to stay away from certain facebook pages and come to love the “hide” button.


  1. i have those too. except their jewish. which means they're loud at the same time.*

    *that wasnt insensitive cause its true.

  2. Comparing either political party president to Hitler has been an American tradition since the Reagan years. And I'll be damned if I let anyone stop me from making unintelligable accusations against people I don't agree with! God bless America!

  3. My family is full of super-pushy evangelicals and some (Black) Republicans and then there's my me and my youngest brother. We are the flaming liberals of the family. Ironically, we are also the most successful of all our siblings and cousins. This aggravates them to no end, because they are total believers in the idea that conservatism is the key to success.

    A couple of weeks ago, I de-friended (un-friended?) one of my brothers on Facebook, because I got tired of him constantly telling me about how I'm going to hell if I don't repent and get legally married. LOL

  4. Simon: Shoot, I remember reading that Nixon was compared to Hitler when he ran against Kennedy. lol

    Bint: I find that amusing and a little sad. Mostly amusing though.

  5. What's wrong if someone is for accountable/responsible government, job creation. This whole Obama point at fox news, or point at bush crap. Yes bush was a bad president, so is obama. Both have self defeating foreign policy that doesn't make sense nor is in US or world stability interests, both stand for corporatism and special interests that are destroying our country. Obama gets props bashing US to Europeans, then more of the same 'war on terror', expanding the war, troop surges etc. The whole 'fear mongering' or 'finger pointing' crap as they continue to destroy our country is so last decade. Just because someone advocates a particular political party has nothing to do with their intelligence or anything else, don't judge people by your stereotypes of them.

    PS remove your family from face-book, it's "add as friend" lol

  6. hmm...I thought I made it so people couldn't post anonymously. Anyways, I get what you are trying to say but the statement, "Just because someone advocates a particular political party has nothing to do with their intelligence or anything else," is totally wrong since I actually do know how intelligent my family is. And while I wouldn't say my family are a bunch of blubbering idiots, I would say most of them are extremely uninformed (like the majority of people who get any of their news from only one t.v. channel). It's not their conservatism I find annoying (for the most part, but believe it or not I do actually have conservative friends). It's the fact they regurgitate the same old bull shit that has no semblance to genuine rational thought.

    I also never claimed there was anything wrong with being critical of our presidents or holding them accountable for their mistakes. I personally criticize Obama more than I praise him. My problem here once again is ignorance. And wanting to impeach Obama just because you don't like his policy decisions is ridiculous.

    Oh and I would also argue that it is impossible not to judge people based on our stereotypes, but that's just me being difficult.


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