Thursday, April 15, 2010

Essay Suggestions?

So, it’s 3 o clock in the morning and I am trying to write an essay for my history class. Unfortunately, the internet is quite the easily accessible concentration ruiner and now I am doing all kinds of other shit instead of writing. (And I don’t think “ruiner” is actually a word, but I like it.)

I find it really strange that I used to love writing essays but now I don’t (though why I'm always so surprised that I change constantly is beyond me). I think it might stem from blogging to be honest. I feel like my writing style has become more conversational and I worry that I’m often being too casual. Plus I’m way more lazy. On the plus side I am way more confident stating my opinions or making statements without waffling. Anyone else experience this at all?

It’s probably just in my head.

Anyhoo, I shouldn’t really be complaining since my essay can be about pretty much any topic I want. I’ve decided to write about the control of female sexuality which is something I’m really interested in. I am having kind of a hard time narrowing down my topics since there are so many different things I can talk about though. And while I would love to rant about abstinence-only sex education I don’t think my teacher would appreciate that.

I think I’m gonna focus on:

1. Historical views of sex. Mainly Augustine’s condemnation of all sex and the Eve vs Mary narrative.
2. Chastity. I’m not entirely sure how I am going to approach this but I should be getting the Purity Myth in the mail tomorrow so I’m thinking I’ll write this paragraph last.
3. Physical and psychosocial ways in which women are often threatened/attacked as a means of controlling female autonomy. I wrote this paragraph first and even though it’s depressing as all hell I think it had to be included.

Beyond that I don’t know. The paper only has to be four pages long so I don’t really need any more paragraphs, but I’m thinking I should add another one touching on the political ways sex has been controlled (like birth control, abortion, spousal rape, sex-education). I guess it depends on what I think after I finish the Purity Myth.

If you think I missed anything major feel free to let me know.

Luckily, this semester ends in about three weeks. Last semester was awesome but this one is just dragging by. Plus I will have more time to get back to the important things. Like blogging.


  1. Essay suggestions?

    Here's one:

    "How my Blog Post Labels 'do the world a favor and kill yourself' and 'fucktards' are not helping me secure trysts with real men, so I'm forever doomed to a life with a latex Accommodator and 6 rechargeable "C" cells."

  2. Yes because my whole life revolves around the hope that a man will eventually deign to sleep with me. Way to project your feelings of inadequacy there buddy.

    Please don’t come back.

  3. What the hell was that? Mean guy with no manners = loser.

    Little behind on my blog reading.


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