Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Week In Pictures

Actually my life is pretty boring so this is two weeks of pictures:

Ryan's sister, Kapri, had her baby last week and she's just precious. The day we drove out to see her was chilly but the sky was so pretty I just had to take a picture. I know it's a tad corny to take cloud pictures, but I couldn't help myself. This picture is actually straight out of the camera and I took it while we were driving home from Kapri's.

I can also mark "try sushi" off my bucket list finally. We went to the most amazing place last night and I can't believe I was such a pansy about the whole thing. If you think you don't like sushi you're wrong. You just have to find something that works for you.

Besides some randomness, there are also pictures of a puppet show we took Holden to and my new bike Ryan surprised me with. It's been a good two weeks. Now I'm off to pick up some more books I've been coveting and season one of Dexter. I have a feeling next week is gonna rock to.



  1. I love the bow in your hair. Your hair looks so vibrant!

  2. Thanks! I'm kind of obsessed with dying it once it starts to fade. lol


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