Friday, March 12, 2010


What did you guys think of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video? I don't know why exactly, but I kind of hated it.

Gaga lost me at this part:

The entire part she's dancing halfway naked in the prison was just so...expected. I don't know. Something just rubbed me the wrong way.


  1. It kind of scared the living shit out of me. Aside from Beyonce's cheese-tastic (but not on purpose) line delivery, Gaga...she...what did she do? Poison everyones food? And what the fuck was Tyrese Gibson doing there?

  2. Quentin Tarantino-style crass, colorful, and loud revenge mini-flick, which was pretty entertaining, I think. It's better than a lot of other videos, which would have just gone with a cheating-on-yo-man scenerio.

  3. For me, the Tarantino and Thelma and Louise references were so heavy handed that they became a cheesy parody. While I think this video is better then most, for Lady Gaga I think it kind of sucks. I thought the whole thing was messy and not very cohesive.

    But this is just my personal opinion obviously. People have analyzed this video like crazy so I guess that says something about Lady Gaga’s star power. There’s just something about Gaga’s aggressive sexuality that is starting to annoy me and I think this video brought those feelings to the forefront. (Gonna get all humorless feminist for a second, but while I think we need more female role models who are proud of their sexuality, Gaga’s in your face sexuality is essentially the other side of the old virginal Brittney obsession. Both the “Madonna” and the “whore” reinforce the idea that a woman’s sexuality is what’s most important.)

  4. I was...dare I say it?


    I'm not familiar with most of her videos, but I do like the video for "Paparazzi."


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