Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lyrics Matter

I have to write an essay that was due yesterday, so this video is all I have for today.

I think it's interesting because lyrics can make or break a song for me, but Ryan is the opposite. It doesn't matter how witty or clever the lyrics are if he can't get behind the sound (though I'm sure this has to do with his ability to actually make music himself). I, on the other hand, will even listen to genres of music I don't particularly like if I like the lyrics enough. (I also write down lines of songs I like for inspiration.)

I'm just amazed anyone would go out of their way to be not lyrical.


  1. I love the lyrics. On my private blog, I would just put lyrics and a pretty picture. When I was writing a book in like fifth grade every chapter would begin with like fifteen lyrics that were only half relevant. But they don't MAKE a song for me. Like, I'm addicted to "I Almost Told You That I Loved You" by Papa Roach, but the lyrics are such a feminest's nightmare.

  2. lol I totally get what you’re saying. I love Eminem but some of the things he says make me cringe. Lyrics aren’t all that matter for me, but it can definitely sway my opinion one way or the other. I’ve noticed I tend to like songs that have catchy choruses.

  3. I've such a lyrics whore. I have songs that I listen to when I'm in certain moods, or lyrics that just speak to me and so I love the song. I tend to love artists like Ani Difranco and The Spill Canvas, not just for their music, but because their lyrics speak to me.

  4. I have an abililty to play music, but also place great importance on lyrics. Maybe because in every aptitude test I've ever taken, my highest scores are in the "music/arts" and "language" categories. Heh.

  5. Both the lyrics and the melody have to work for me.

    I think you're right with your statement about Ryan having the ability to make music. I don't make music anymore, but I did once upon a time. I believe that's why a melody has to be important to me, too. However, if a song has a beautiful or catchy melody yet not so beautiful or catchy lyrics, it ruins the song. That's why they both have to work for me.


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