Sunday, March 7, 2010


Britni did a post on things that make her happy and I've decided to follow suite (Meg also did one here). I tried to include a lot of things that are in my life now since it can be hard to step back and appreciate everything I've got sometimes.

Happiness for me is:

1. Holden
2. Tea parties
3. Good books
4. Rainbows in my hand
5. Playing with clay
6. Badass jewelry
7. 7 Up Pound Cake
8. Interesting tights
9. Dueling pianos bars
10. Listening to Rihanna’s new album
11. Swing sets
12. Omahyra & Boyd
13. Chicken Korma
14. Plates shaped like countries
15. Pink and green eyeshadow
16. Eugenio Recuenco
17. Bright blue nail polish
18. Ryan playing songs for me

I know I mostly rant here, but I'm actually a really happy person in real life. In fact, the whole reason I started this blog was to have a place to vent my frustrations (since Ryan was ready to smother me in my sleep). So while I may come off as super serious and always pissed of about something, in reality I'm no more serious then most people and even something as simple as the sight of the mountians can fill me with joy.

I love things and hate things passionately and maybe this blog has too much of the latter and not enough of the former (though in my defense Sunshine and Bones is all upbeat).


  1. 1. Holden is adorable.

    2. You are HOT in that pink/green eyemakeup (I love green eye makeup for a dramatic look, and wear purple most days because it brings out the green in my hazel eyes, and is lower-key for work).

    3. The country-shaped plates ROCK. Never seen those before.

    4. Swing sets are my favorite playground equipment ever. I need to find one posthaste and go for a swing.

  2. That ring is badass. Like GaGa's razor glasses.

    Holden is SOCUTE!

  3. Your son is like sunshine. He just makes you smile big when you see him.

    Like Meg said, you rock that pink and green makeup very well! That's the hotness!

    I'm so jealous that you have a husband who sings and plays the guitar! =)

    Dueling piano bars are by far the best bars to go to.

    And I am the proud owner of that same blue nail polish.

    Great list!

  4. Aw…thanks you guys.

    Meg: I found the plates on tumblr (I have no idea what I did before tumblr lol). They don’t have the Americas but they do have Great Britain.

    Dannie: That’s actually a necklace. I want it something fierce but it’s too expensive. I’m thinking about trying to make my own though.

    April: Ryan isn’t big on singing, but yes I’m very lucky ;). Also, that shade of blue is so bad ass. I don’t even really like blue and yet the color makes me happy just looking at it. It makes me think of sunshine and picnics.


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