Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Obsession - Eli "Paperboy" Reed

I'm waiting for Ryan to get home so he can take me to the library and instead of being a good wife and doing something productive, like cleaning the pigsty that masquerades as my house, I've been wasting my time watching videos on youtube (I have no idea what I did before youtube).

Since I have nothing I want to blog about (except way to go DC!) I thought I'd share another video. This version of "The Poor Side of Town" has quickly become one of my favorite covers.

I'm completely smitten.


  1. I only live a few miles away from DC and I was so happy watching this progress in our local news. My only hope is that DC is a very liberal district, so even if something similar to prop 8 comes up, there's a good chance it will be denied. Well, I hope anyway.

    We may disagree on many things, but this is one subject we agree on. =)

  2. At least the people who get married now will probably be able to remain married no matter what happens in the future. It's also symbolic for DC to take this step I think.

    Sometimes I forget how we are all worlds apart in some regards. You over there and me stuck over here. It's crazy to think about. lol


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