Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic 80s Toys' Rebellion

I saw these on Jezebel and I'm totally smitten. The idea, by Tom Kyzivat, is a "post-Apocalyptic story pitting characters from 1980s shows against each other."

Two of my favs:

Shortcake's the humorless leader of the Rebellion against Brainy Smurf. Never far from her is Kit, a strange, cat-like child found near her dead twin brother after the war. She's emotionless and mute, but follows Shortcake everywhere she goes.

Rainbow Brite is part of the rag-tag rebellion against the industrial dictatorship of Brainy Smurf (aka "The Brain"), and aside from being the obligatory Tank Girl look-alike, she serves as their demolitions expert. She's wild and care-free, and her involvement stems more from her love of blowing shit up than her loyalty to the cause.

I've always loved Strawberry Shortcake for her red hair and Rainbow Brite just speaks to my inner candy kid. I also have a major soft spot for post-apocalyptic books.

You can see the rest of Kyzivat's work here. Hopefully some posters will be in the near future.

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