Wednesday, February 24, 2010

N.K. Jemisin and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

I am lusting something fierce after the book The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Maybe it's because this is the first book in a long time that I've really wanted that the library didn't have, but I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this book.

I also think I've fallen in love with the author N.K. Jemisin. Listen to part of her answer when asked on whether or not gender or race should be considered when compiling "best of" lists:
The problem that I see with a lot of these “best of” lists — and anthologies, and so on — is that many editors are quick to claim they’ve looked at a representative sample when they really haven’t. They haven’t stepped outside their comfort zone, so what they’re really presenting is just their favorites from within a biased sample set. And in a lot of cases, they don’t even realize they’re biased. Part of the problem is history. You say that we shouldn’t consider race or gender; I say that’s impossible, given that we live in a society that has been so shaped by racism and sexism (and other “isms”) over generations. We’re already thinking about race and gender, because we’ve been trained to think of whiteness and maleness as “neutral”, when they’re not. White is a race; male is a gender. Most of the time when people say they want to be “colorblind” and “gender-neutral,” what they really mean is that they want to be free to ignore PoC and women and focus on white men, without guilt. That’s not neutrality.
Talk about major swoonage.

I'm not usually too interested in author interviews since they tend to be kind of boring, but this is the best interview I've ever read. Check it out here.

Update: Ha! My local library does have the book now and I just put it on hold. I'm totally doing my happy dance right now.


  1. Good thing your library has it! I'm reading my ARC right now and it would be a crime for anyone on thist planet not to read it.

  2. I want to read this book so badly as well! It sounds fantastic andI'm about to go check out that interview. I actually just wrote a guest post talking about what Ms. Jemison says about being color-blind (gag to that term) which I think you will see soon :)

    I just discovered your blog via Opionated Me and I love it! As a few crazy random liberal I salute you =D You have some really interesting posts here and I will definitely add your blog to my blogroll. And ugh to the 100x about Sarah Palin (So as not to appear random by mentioning her name: I just read your Taylor Swift post which is why I menioned it, very interesting and I agree. Taylor Swift is singing about pure young love that doesn't exist butshe's innocent and harmless. The double standard in gender and sexuality roles drives me crazy)

  3. Welcome MissAttitude! And thanks! :)

    (And I agree very much about Sarah Palin. I think I tore out almost all my hair during the presidential primaries when we were subjected to Palin's antics day in and day out.)


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