Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miscarriages and Utah

I know Utah isn't really considered the land of the lefties, but the attempt to charge women with homicide if they miscarry is infuriating to me. This is one reason why the Republican claim that they want "smaller government" is bullshit. They only want smaller government when it comes to having to part with any of their precious money in order to have roads paved, teachers hired, or any of the other hundreds of things taxes pay for.

These people don't really care about "life." If they did, they would be picketing infertility clinics rather then abortion clinics (since I bet more fertilized eggs are wasted in IFV clinics than single abortions). All this bill is attempting to do is punish women and will end up costing tax payers in order to defend this bullshit in court. (But who cares? We can just eliminate the twelfth grade to save money!)

I love this quote by Dan Savage since it highlights the inanity of such a law:
If every miscarriage is a potential homicide, how does Utah avoid launching a criminal investigation every time a woman has a miscarriage? [...] And how is Utah supposed to know when a pregnant woman has had a miscarriage? You're going to have to create some sort of pregnancy registry to keep track of all those fetuses, Utah. Perhaps you could start issuing "conception certificates" to women who get pregnant? And then, if there isn't a baby within nine months of the issuance of a conception certificate, the woman could be hauled in for questioning and she could be indicted for criminal homicide if it's determined that she intentionally or accidentally induced a miscarriage.
Do the crazy Utards realize how prolific miscarriage is? It's estimated that 30 to 50 percent of fertilized eggs are lost before a woman finds out she's pregnant and another 15 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. You want to blame someone for all those miscarriages? Blame god. Blame biology. Shit blame women. But don't punish them.

Oh and since the tea bag people get to say what their tax dollars go to, I'd like to make it known that I don't want any of my dollars going towards putting women in jail. Thanks.

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  1. Well...damn. What does miscarriage have to do with homicide? And, who gave Utah permission to get on their high horse? They're all polygamists over there, aren't they?

  2. This makes me so stabby. Talk about not understanding the female human body, lawmakers. What a bunch of asses, really.

  3. Have you seen this in Florida? Abortion providers could be punished with up to life in prison!

    It's fucking absurd.

  4. Simon: Ummm…I’m pretty sure most people here aren’t polygamists actually. The mormon church is now against it and you know how herds work. Out in the desert though? I’m sure there are some FLDS.

    Britni: Is that even constitutional? Good thing it won’t pass. I know South Dakota tries to get anti-choice bills signed into law every year. Ridiculous.

  5. I watched a documentary about Abortion, I forgot the name - but the craziness of the right-winger's, the church-nuts, it was really something, really incredible how insane people can be. Like you get these guys who preach about how you're taking a LIFE, and then they go out and kill Mother's and kill people who work in abortion clinics. It's just insane. Like - genuine, absolute insanity- like, I don't know how you would ever talk to or reason with these people. It's such a scary thing.

  6. If you remember the name you should let me know. And I agree that it's scary. I know the crazies think of it in the same vein as a killer on death row, but it's all contradictory. I guess it's our fault for looking for rational thought where there's obviously none to be found though.


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