Friday, January 1, 2010

The Tumblr Plunge

I finally took the tumblr plunge and made my own tumblr blog. Really, I just needed a place where I could store all the pictures I come across since I seem to love everything I see. Keeping things in so many places (since I don't want it all stored on my hard drive) was getting a tad ridiculous and I figured this would help simplify things.

The only thing is, I made it password protected. (Edited:I changed this - it's not longer password protected.) I'm obviously not one for privacy, but I don't want to deal with people to be honest. This will just be another little spot for me on the interwebs where I can post things that inspire me or make me happy.

But since I love all you, I want you to feel free to check it out if you like. You can find it here and the password is "alana."

As you can see by the password I'm just trying to keep out the riffraff not necessarily keep anything private. And If you're interested as to how the name "Sunshine and Bones" came about, you can read about it here (what? not everything about me interests you?).

-Oh, and if you have a tumblr blog feel free to leave me the url in the comments.

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