Friday, January 15, 2010

Tragedy in Haiti

I didn’t comment on the tragedy in Haiti right away because I felt like the words didn’t exist to encompass the massive tragedy the situation is. And, to be honest, I still don’t think they do. There's nothing I can say that can express the heartache or sympathy I feel for the people in Haiti and this whole situation is horrific to say the least.

As usual though, Jay Smooth sums things up nicely:

If you are able to donate, you find great information at the Help Survivors of the Earthquake in Haiti page of Charity Navigator. All of the organizations listed have received a high rating (which means they "exceed or meet industry standards and perform as well as or better than most charities in its Cause") and you can find out exactly what your donation will go towards (food, medical aid, etc). Charity Navigator is great because you can click on each group and see how much of your money goes directly towards help as well as how much of the money raised goes towards "administration costs" (i.e. salaries).

I also wanted to share this video because I keep thinking about what Shep Smith said at the end because it’s so true.

We do get bored and forget. And maybe we have to forget for a little while because we just can’t handle thinking about the raped or homeless every second of every day, but I worry about what will happen when our attention starts to wane. What will happen then? Like the 2004 tsunami or the places hit by hurricane Katrina this will become just another tragedy forgotten.

It’s just so sad.

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