Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

"Obama hasn't done anything" is a common statement you hear thrown around in the world of comedy and comedy that masquerades as news. I briefly touched on this subject before, but since I just came across (via another illuminating Jezebel comment) an interesting "Obameter" I thought it was worth talking about again.

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises is, not too surprisingly, a meter put together by PolitiFact that tracks Obama's progress in regards to the "more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign."

According to the meter, Obama isn't doing too bad. 92 "promises kept" is a far cry from doing nothing and another 264 promises are rated "in the works." None of this is to say that the 14 "promises broken" should be ignored (or the 78 "stalled"), but my point is that's it's diengenuous to claim Obama hasn't done anything.

I'm just happy to now have a place where I can send people along with the standard "you're a bumbass" look.


  1. Anyone who expects ANY president to make 100% of his campaign promises reality (especially within the first year of his term!!) is delusional. That's what frustrates me about the pundits. And after Limbaugh and Robertson today, I'm FED UP with the right. FED UP!!

    I love Politifact. : )

  2. I agree. It’s as naive to assume a president will achieve everything he promised as it is to claim the president has done nothing just because you’re unhappy with his policies. Seriously, conservative pundits make me nauseas.


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