Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade

I just came across a really interesting idea at the blog Raising My Boychick via Taking Steps. Raising My Boychick is running a "Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade" poll and asking for nominations.

Here's what it says about how the idea came about:

What started out as a semi-facetious comment in response to the #biggaybattle on Twitter (wherein I pointed out that, once again, we were discussing a choice between two cis gay white men, and asked where the poll for Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade was — and why I wasn’t on it) has turned into a more serious compilation of important, influential, or just plain notable lesbian and bisexual women of the past decade. For once, rather than just wondering why someone wasn’t doing it, I decided to do it myself. Because I can, that’s why.
So here’s what I’m thinking: I want more nominations. I especially want more nominations of lesbian/bisexual/queer women who are trans, who are from outside the US, and/or who are WOC/nonwhite. (And when I say “who are trans”, I mean “who are trans lesbians/bisexual/queer/nonstraight women”. Yay for straight trans women, but that’s not what this is about.) And, I want you, if so inclined, to tell us why you think someone should/shouldn’t be the Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade, and should/shouldn’t be in the final voting list.

And then I’m going to make a poll, and then you’re going to vote, and you’re going to tell all your friends to vote, and you’re going to tell all your favorite bloggers to blog about it and encourage their readers to vote, and you’re going to go lobby all the celebrities you know on Twitter to vote for your favorite nominee, and we’ll get #bigdykebattle or some such to trend, and we will take over the world have our turn at semi-randomly picking a probably-privileged community representative about whom we can make highly suggestive remarks.

Because we can, that’s why.
I think the idea is really spectacular and a great way to be introduced to new bloggers/people that are making a difference. Even though the contest ends on Sunday, I wanted to post this in case anyone hasn't heard about it yet.

So, if you have someone in mind you should check it out. If you don' should still check it out.

update: I just found out that this is my 666th post. How's that for irony?

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  1. Actually, the nominations run through Sunday; the contest will run for, I dunno, probably a week after that, and there'll be a super-official poll and everything. Because why not?

    Thanks for spreading the word!


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