Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stop Stupack

Dear Friend,

We must act now to stop the Stupak/Pitts Amendment.

This amendment goes further than any previous federal law to restrict access to abortion - and it's up to us to ensure it is removed before the legislation is enacted into law. It would prohibit millions of women from getting coverage for abortion in their health insurance plans, even if they pay for it themselves!

We know our candidates in the House and Senate will fight tooth and nail to prevent this new restriction on women's rights from becoming law. They are the firewall against any new restrictions on a woman's right to choose, but they need our voices to join with theirs if we are going to win this battle. We must act now to tell Congress that we will not accept a new restriction on our rights.

I have already added my name to this call to action. Will you join me to send a clear message: We will not stand for health care reform that makes women less healthy and less safe.

Sign the petition.
The message is from the Stop Stupak Coalition and I urge anyone who hasn’t signed the petition to do so now. Today is the National Day of Action against the Stupak-Pitts Amendment and you can find more information here.

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