Monday, December 14, 2009

Senator Boxer meet Doctor Evil

I posted about the Senator Boxer "Ma’am" fiasco before, but I wanted to post this video that was made by the campaign of state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore for the upcoming Republican primaries:

While I don’t find the video particularly funny or original, I do think some of the comments included in the Associated Press article are interesting:
[Republican Carly] Fiorina's campaign is focusing on the exchange because it exemplifies the tone voters have come to expect from Boxer, said Julie Soderlund, a spokeswoman for Fiorina.

"A member of the military calling somebody ma'am or sir certainly isn't something that's unusual," Soderlund said. "Most people who see the video recognize that and recognize the level of arrogance that Senator Boxer brought to the situation."

Boxer said her opponents' focus on the exchange says more about them than it does about her. She's not about to apologize.

"Once in 17 years that I've been a senator, I asked a witness to call me senator, because we were having a back and forth and I kept saying 'general' and he kept saying 'ma'am', and it went general, ma'am, general, ma'am. And I thought, you know what, this is one of those times we ought to call each other by our titles," she said in an interview.

"If this is what she thinks is the most important issue as people are struggling to get jobs, and housing, and health care, it's fine," Boxer said in reference to Fiorina.
And once again I am enamored with Senator Boxer’s straightforward nature.

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