Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Now here is some sexism against Sarah Palin

I want to know why Glenn Beck's comments haven't received even a fifth of the attention that Newsweek did.

"First of all, let me rule that out. Palin/Beck? Ridiculous…I was just thinking, what I’m gonna take backseat to a chick? While you’re at it, go shoot a bear! Make some stew! I’m hungry in here."
Conservatives like to claim that the left is unable to see any of the treatment towards Sarah Palin as sexist (which is obviously false), but I don't hear anyone on the right commenting on Beck's comments. (And why hasn't Palin responded?)

This isn't even thinly veiled sexism or up for debate sexism (like the Newsweek cover). This is like super super obvious sexism.

And this crazy heathen liberal is not afraid to say so.

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