Monday, November 30, 2009

What can you do to not be a victim?

I have to write a paper for my human sexuality class and I’m bothered by the phrasing of the question:

What can you do to not be a victim or bystander of sexual violence, sexual victimization, and rape? Be specific. (Chapter 17)
Obviously, I’m uncomfortable with the implication that it’s the victim’s job to make sure he or she isn’t victimized, though I don’t think my teacher meant it that way, but I’m also bothered by the fact chapter 17 doesn’t talk about this particular issue at all. (My textbook talks about most of the issues surrounding rape and debunks a lot of the common misconceptions surrounding rape and the perpetrators of rape. It also goes into detail of how to help a friend or partner recover from rape, the affects of molestation, and sexual harassment in the work place.)

Though there are definitely some things people can do in certain situations to minimize the risk of being assaulted, I guess ultimately I just feel like our teacher ignored an opportunity for us to have an open and honest conversation about the affects of rape from an individual as well as societal point of view.

And I think that's unfortunate.

Update: I was wrong - there is a section on how to reduce risk in certain situations in our textbook after all. I still think my teacher should have focused on a different part of the text though.


  1. Well isn't this interesting in light of today's post on my blog?

    What can I do to not be a victim? I can lock myself in my room and never come out.

    Because guess what? I've never been attacked by random creepy dude in the alley. My sexual assaults happened with people I knew and trusted. I thought I was doing all the *right* things, and for all intents and purposes, I was. And I was still victimized.

    The only thing you can do to avoid it is to become a hermit. End of story.

  2. I agree and I hope my teacher doesn’t mind that I spent a good time criticizing her choice to phrase this question in this matter.

    And I got to admit reading your post (more specifically the responses to your post) made me even more annoyed. Oops. lol

  3. “phrase this question in this manner” lol

  4. Human Sexuality - 101 Blog, ]1/3]

    Thanks, Roger / Florida / USA.


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