Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Layout

I'm pretty sure I’ve gotten most of the wrinkles out in this new layout. I kept things as similar as I could (since I tend to stick with something once I get used to it), but I just couldn’t stand how narrow the blogger template was.

As you can see this template has a wider body as well as a smaller font. I like it, but I’m not sure if the font is big enough. Because of my computer’s screen resolution I’m pretty sure the font is smaller for me than it is for other people (it took a while to get used to since everything seemed super small at first), but if you think it is too small let me know and I can make it slightly bigger.

The main difference, besides aesthetics, is the tabs at the top and the missing blogger bar. I thought about adding the blogger navigation bar back in, but I like the way my blog looks without it. It’s a bit of a pain, but it wont be so bad once I get used to it I’m sure.

So that’s it. I really hope you guys like it cause it took me for freggin ever to change the hmlt and all that ridiculousness (is that not love?). I want to give a super big thanks to Blog and Web for adapting this template for blogger. Whoever you are thank you.


  1. I love the header!! I like the new layout, though the sidebar is appearing below the posts for me.

    How did you get the tabs to work? I've been trying to get my own layout together, with tabs, to change mine for ages now, but I suck at coding too much.

  2. Thank you! And dang that sucks about my sidebar since it’s in place on my computer. Hopefully it will work itself out or something (wishful thinking).

    And I feel ya. Everything I’ve learned has been through a shit load of trial and error (mostly error) and I went through about 20 templates before I was satisfied with this one.

    For the tabs, the easiest directions I came across were here:

    The picture under the “How to change navigation links” is perfect. The only difference is the part highlighted in blue will have words already there instead of just the word “link” (all mine were in Spanish). Surprisingly it’s really similar to adding a regular link.


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