Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legends (Scandinavian mythology)

I came across this 2002 Absolut Legends Collection, by Jean Baptiste Mondino, when I was looking for fairy tale inspired ads for Fairy Tale Week. It contains ads inspired by the myth stories of Old Sweden and since I feel pretty uninspired today I thought I would share them.

Valborg - The fire that chases evil spirits away

Viking - Conqueror of the seven seas

Valkyria - The beautiful godess of the battlefields

Oxdan - The fighter of the matting bulls

Nacken - Virtuoso violinist and stealer of souls

Midsommar - The pagan mistress of Swedish Summer Nights

Lucia - Brings light to the darkest night

Ava - The enchanting dancer in the mist

I tried to look up more information about each myth featured, but I actually had a really hard time finding anything. Something else to add to my list of things I'd like to know more about I suppose.


  1. Coolness. I mentioned you on my blog, by the way (your my top eight fav blogs, lol)

  2. fuck liquor companies, and love the mythology

  3. fuck liquor companies, and love the mythology


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