Saturday, November 7, 2009

The FLDS vs. Roman Polanski

The news that a member of the FLDS has been convicted of sexually assaulting an underage girl (who he considered to be his wife) has made me think of the stark difference between the way this man is looked at versus a man like Roman Polanski.

I'm not saying sex with a minor is ever acceptable (especially when she has been brainwashed or drugged), but I don't think it's too difficult to see the double standard here. For some reason polygamy is looked upon as some freakish behavior and therefore, through extension, the people freakish themselves.

Yet, rich powerful men like Roman Polanski are never painted as the child rapists they are. Instead they are seen as good hearted people who simply made a mistake. And that mistake shouldn't be taken into too heavily of consideration because "artists" and the "wealthy" have always been known to be eccentric.

I'm glad this man may go to prison for twenty years, but people who think Roman Polanski shouldn't be sitting right next to him in that cell need to do some serious self reflection.

Especially considering these two men may not be so different after all.


  1. Good point. I don't have anything important to add . . . but why does the FLDS guy look like a Mormon Ken doll? Or is that just me?

    By the way, like the new format.

  2. Thanks...and it's not just you. lol


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