Monday, November 23, 2009

Fairy Tales in Ads

There are so many fairy tale ads that I had to split them up into three posts (and I know there has to be tons out there still).

Book Store (Brazil):

"Great stories live forever."

Meltin'Pot clothing store (Italy):

Levi Kids (Korea):

SKY Satellite (Italy):

"Only the safest program for your kids (Thanks to the parental control button, you can check on your kids' programs)."

Rinat Levy:

“A bride like no other.”

Self tanning lotion (Germany):



Rush drinks:

"Just a little naughty."

Literact Foundation (Canada):

"When a child doesn’t read, imagination disappears."

Air freshener (Brazil):

"Every now and then your Prince Charming also goes to the bathroom."

Besame Radio (Columbia):

"Love can do anything."

Burger King (Brazil):

"It's another story."

AXE Deoderant (Germany):

Listerine (Australia):

"Put the tooth fairy out of business."

Ford (India):

“Now with height adjustable driver’s seat.”

K-Fee Coffee Drink (Germany):

Bru Cappuccino (India):

"Drink More. Flirt More."

Historic Lynchburg (Canada):

Jeep (Thialand):

"Prove it. Only in a Jeep."

Diving School (Portugal):

Jamieson Brewery (Australia):

"Anything but sweet."

Van Den Berghs Foods (Netherlands):

Evian (USA):

Melissa clothing and footwear (Brazil):

Amnesty International (Chile):

"Mom was reading me a tale, till daddy came back...
Violence against women is violation of human rights.

From the Quanto?Project:


  1. Eeeew that "anything but sweet" one is grossing me ooooouuuut lol.

  2. If by "self tanner," they mean "Snow White in blackface," then sure.

    Cannibalism? Actually, that's beyond cannibalism! The mermaid is consuming HERSELF.

    And while I like that the women in the last ads seem to be in control of the situation, I don't like they seem to be using their sexuality to gain that control.

  3. Those are the two that bothered me the most Britni.

    Some of these you just look at and think WTF.

  4. i'd probaly want to (not really) become the people at the 37th, 38th, 39th, 41th, and 42th pictures.


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