Monday, November 2, 2009

Color Me Impressed Madame Speaker

This Nancy Pelosi quote is so full of win I just had to post it:

Back then, there was a tendency for women to minimize what you could bring to the table in intellect and strategic thinking. But men don't have any secret sauce."
Isn’t that the truth?

I know Pelosi is one of those people we all seem to love to hate, but there is just something refreshing about such a strong woman. Pelosi just doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you like her. Getting shit done is more important to her than winning a popularity contest and that’s something I really respect in a person (especially considering the fact being well liked in politics is a fantasy).

Anyhoo, the quote is from a profile in New York Magazine and you can read the rest here. Even though there is something about Vanessa Grigoriadis' writing that rubs me the wrong way, the peice is definitely worth checking out.

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