Friday, November 27, 2009


I was planning on doing a post specific to Disney, but to be honest I’m just burnt out by this point. This week and a half has been a hard lesson in how I to plan special topic weeks in the future (and they’ll only be a week next time). Fairy Tales are just too complex and too plentiful to narrow down to a simple week of posts done in between homework.

Plus, I got to admit I’m less annoyed at the role of women in fairy tales after all the reading I’ve done. I think the original stories are actually quite empowering and I look forward to telling them to my son.

Obviously that doesn’t mean there isn’t any genuine criticism of Disney or the way they claim ownership over the stories of our ancestors. If these stories tell us something about the people who’ve come before, then Disney tells us something about us now. And I think it’s worth questioning what that message is.

By Jeff Brunner

So here is a list of posts I think are worth checking out:

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The Disneyfication of Folklore (.pdf)

Archetypes in Fairy Tales: A Mirror of the American Ethos
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And if you just can't get enough of fairy tales I suggest checking out this blog.

And that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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