Friday, October 9, 2009

Things that are being killed by the internet

The Telegraph recently compiled a list of 50 things that are being killed by the internet. Though most of them are quite silly, these four were my favorites:

27) Knowing telephone numbers off by heart
After typing the digits into your contacts book, you need never look at them again.

letter photo by england

12) Letter writing/pen pals
Email is quicker, cheaper and more convenient; receiving a handwritten letter from a friend has become a rare, even nostalgic, pleasure. As a result, formal valedictions like "Yours faithfully" are being replaced by "Best" and "Thanks".

47) Footnotes
Made superfluous by the link, although Wikipedia is fighting a brave rearguard action.

Fossil Watch photo by jorgeq

10) Watches
Scrabbling around in your pocket to dig out a phone may not be as elegant as glancing at a watch, but it saves splashing out on two gadgets.

I really would like to have a pen pal. You can catch the rest of the list here.


  1. I want a pen pal to...remember when that was cool?

  2. yes! I remember one year our teachers set us up with them or something, but I never got into it.

    Now I want to and it's essentially dead. Unless your pen pal's in prison. haha

  3. I'll be your penpal! I love getting mail that's not a bill or junk.

  4. lol me too! except they were to dying soldiers or something...bleh.

    you know what?? LETS BE PENPALS! lol

  5. I would write both of you guys! (Though it might be a little hard to find something new to say cause of our blogs lol.)


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