Monday, October 19, 2009

A Poem for Polanski Supporters

Man I've been busy lately. Even though I love school, I can't help but feel bogged down by all the work. (I haven't even had time to finish The Handmaid's Tale which I started like 5 days ago. That's insane in my book devouring world.)

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share this poem by The Nation's Calvin Trillin about the celebrity defense of Polanski:

What Whoopi Goldberg ('Not a Rape-Rape'), Harvey Weinstein ('So-Called Crime') et al. Are Saying in Their Outrage Over the Arrest of Roman Polanski Humor

A youthful error? Yes, perhaps.
But he's been punished for this lapse--
For decades exiled from LA
He knows, as he wakes up each day,
He'll miss the movers and the shakers.
He'll never get to see the Lakers.
For just one old and small mischance,
He has to live in Paris, France.
He's suffered slurs and other stuff.
Has he not suffered quite enough?
How can these people get so riled?
He only raped a single child.

Why make him into some Darth Vader
For sodomizing one eighth grader?
This man is brilliant, that's for sure--
Authentically, a film auteur.
He gets awards that are his due.
He knows important people, too--
Important people just like us.
And we know how to make a fuss.
Celebrities would just be fools
To play by little people's rules.
So Roman's banner we unfurl.
He only raped one little girl.

Hopefully I will have a few more substantial posts up soon.

-via feministing

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  1. Great rhyming and meter!

    UGH--how can these celebrutards support him? HOW? Brilliant is as brilliant does.


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