Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jay Smooth on Roman Polanski

My love for Jay Smooth knows no bounds:



  1. Honestly, I really, REALLY don't care about artist's personel lives. Maybe this is a reflection on my character, but I don't care if Chris Brown socked Rihanna. As long as they're both making good music (not that Chris Brown ever did...) I don't care. Artists' job is to entertain and, yeah, while it was completly wrong for Polanski to rape a kid, I'm still going to watch Rosemary's Baby every Halloween with my friends. You wanna know why? Because I like that movie and I don't give a shit at what the director does.

    Now, speaking as a citizen, and assuming Polanski is not in fact an artist but just a creepy shmuck with a camera, then MAY HE ROT BEHIND BARS FOR THE REST OF HIS NATURAL BORN LIFE!


  2. I don’t either, but I’m not sure what you meant by, “assuming Polanski is not in fact an artist.” Even if he was an artist it doesn’t give him the right to rape children. (Which I’m assuming you didn’t mean, but I hope you can see the ambiguity of your sentence.)

    I may not boycott a song or movie because the artist is a piece of shit, but the artist is still ultimately bound by the same laws as everyone else. The people who think Polanski shouldn’t go to jail are ridiculous. I don’t care if you like his movies. He raped a child. The end. I don’t understand how people don’t get that.


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