Friday, October 2, 2009

GOP Revels in America’s Failure

I really don’t know what to say to the conservative hack jobs that are rejoicing that Chicago lost the Olympic bid. Seriously, I’m so disgusted in their behavior I’d rather go clean my house than listen to their pathetic rhetoric.

But I guess that’s what happens when your party has no substance.

I fucking hated President Bush. I hated everything about him and I hated the way he divided the country in a way I had never experienced (cause of my age obviously). I voted for Kerry with my first presidential vote and couldn’t believe that Bush was re-elected. As time goes on and some people seem to forget what a piece of shit president he was, I want to throw up every time a person tries to defend him.

But I never cheered for his mistakes. Why? Because his mistakes were our mistakes.

The GOP doesn’t understand that of course. Since they can’t actually make a difference, or change the overwhelming sense of irrelevancy, they seem to think that applauding the “failures” of the President is somehow akin to actually making public policy.

Well, it’s not. And though I hate calling a person “unpatriotic,” especially after years of suffering it myself, I have truly never seen such an unpatriotic group in my life.

84 percent of Americans wanted Chicago to win the bid. So when the GOP attacks the President, they’re also attacking that 84 percent of us. That’s over 255 million people.

And criticizing the President’s 24 hour trip to Copenhagen by saying he should be focusing on getting people jobs is the dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of Michael Steele’s mouth in a long time. He does realize that preparation for the Olympics does create jobs right? Considering the fact no one had shit to say when President Bush spent 30 percent of his total time in office on vacation makes the hypocrisy pretty freggin obvious.

So fuck you GOP.

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