Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy Potheads

This article is one of the dumbest things I've read in a long time.

What?! People are smoking pot Marie Claire? You mean, people who aren't overweight teenagers eating cheetos in their parent's basements? It's downright shocking! Shocking I tell you!!!

Jesus christ.

I will say that there is a chance that this article might be helpful, in the sense that it could bring this information to a different demographic of people who are unaware of all this because they were raised on Reefer Madness and don't actually smoke themselves (though it's questionable whether that demographic reads Marie Claire), but it also felt a bit like Marie Claire tried to validate smoking weed if you're young, thin, and have a good job.

Which doesn't make any sense.

Everyone has the same right to smoke weed regardless of their profession of how "hip" they may be. If you wear stilettos and work in advertising, great. If you chill in your parents basement eating Cheetos and playing video game, great. The rest is just semantics.

Perfect example:
Another myth debunked by pantsuit-clad pot lovers: that devotees hole up in their apartments in a thick cannabis stupor, blowing off friends and social commitments. "I almost never smoke alone," says 28-year-old Gina Bridges, a grants administrator for a Seattle-based nonprofit. Bridges sometimes hosts low-key dinner parties with her husband and friends, punctuated by dessert and bong hits. (She stopped smoking when she recently became pregnant.) "Alcohol makes you feel more social, but weed works in a different way. You're quieter, more contemplative. My friends and I get more in depth about specific issues," she says.
wtf? You mean people get high with their friends too? What is this world coming to?! (It's like these people have never seen an episode of That 70s Show.)

Today even did a whole segment on "Stiletto Stoners."

First off, Pineapple Express was fucking awesome. Second, if 8 million women have smoked pot in the last year, then why are people so surprised?

Oh, cause they're morons.

The person they highlight in their clip says she is more addicted to coffee than anything else, but I think pills are a better comparison. People pop pills like crazy and yet they equate marijuana as some kind of horrible drug. (At least with pot you know what chemicals are going into your body.) It doesn't make any sense to me.

And what is up with Holland claiming people feel like criminals and are racked with guilt? Just cause you smoked some bad schwag doctor doesn't mean people everywhere feel the same.

All this hoopla is just ridiculous. Almost everyone I know smokes pot. A lot of people try it when they're teenagers and tt only makes sense that if they found the experience enjoyable, they'd keep doing it (at least occasionally) when they grew up and got jobs. There is nothing shocking about this.

Just because people aren't talking about it doesn't mean they're not doing it. (Is this not true with everything?)

The only good point in the article was this:

What's more, Bridges says sex was much better when she was high, helping her to shed her inhibitions. "Sometimes I'd wonder, Am I doing the right thing? Am I getting him off? When I smoke, it's all about me. I'm not worried so much about what he's thinking. And it helps him enjoy it more, too, because I'm not psyching myself out," she says.

Yes. This is so true and I think couples who are having problems in the bedroom should really consider lighting up before giving it a go. It can really help in some situations.

And this bothered me the most out of the whole article (though for a whole other reason):
"I'll go to the gym for an hour, then come back home and smoke a joint while I listen to jazz and read a book—I just finished The Fountainhead. It's my moment for myself before I have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. It's my bubble bath," Schwartz explains.

s anyone else tired of reading, especially Ayn Rand, always being equated with intellectualism? Don't try so hard people.

It's all just a bit ridiculous.

-via Jezebel (again)


  1. I KNOW!!! Smoking is worse for you then pot, but WHAT'S illegal? I'm sure everyone would be a lot more chilled out if they could smoke a joint once in a while without having to side-step the cops!


    BTW, would you like to swap your copy of DEVOURING with something I have? I can't find it in any of my book stores...

  2. I totally would but I checked mine out from the library. Did you try the library? The one my library had was an old ass copy so I imagine yours might have it if it did.

    I’m so poor right now I can only afford to buy super special books I can’t live without. Which is essentially only the ones my library doesn’t have. lol

    Maybe some other time though! :)

  3. grr im living with my dad right now. no bookstores, no library. My TBR pile is growing distressingly small...grr


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