Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can women and men really be equal as long as women have to fear being raped?

I don’t know how other people feel when they read or hear stories about rape, but I seem to find myself constantly shocked at the cruelty of people. The things that we’re capable of as humans are just astounding to me and I don’t understand how people can believe in an all loving god in the face of so much hurt and depravity.

(It wasn’t my intention to bring religion into this, but that’s just where my mind went.)

What’s got me thinking about all this is the horrific gang rape of a 15 year old girl in California last weekend. Rape is always ugly, but I have a hard time even imagining the awfulness this rape must have been. For people to stand by and watch just makes me sick (and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it makes me want to hurt these people very badly).

The fact rape has been used as a tool in war and a way to keep women in line for…well forever it seems, makes me realize the enormity that sex inequality is.

Not that I’m saying the business manager that pays his female employees a lower wage than his male employees is equivalent to a rapist. My point is that when I hear about a woman being raped, for me it’s like all women have been raped. When I read this poor girls story it makes me feel a bit unsure about my own place in society. It makes me wonder if a dozen people would stand by and watch a group of men rape me. That may sound overly anxious or paranoid, but that’s really how a part of me feels.

Most men will never have to fear being raped in their whole lives and because of that they will never be able to truly understand what that fear feels like.

And the fact they'll never understand makes me wonder how equal our places can ever be.

-I want to clear that I'm dismissing men who have been raped. I'm just saying the fear of being raped isn't something most men will experience.

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