Friday, October 9, 2009

Actual Threat to Harm vs. Public Outrage

This is just awesome.

Artist Susannah Hertrich developed this graphic designed to bring to consciousness the difference between the likelihood of harm from certain threats and public outrage:

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from Sociological Images:
I am unsure as to how she measured both “public outrage” and “actual hazard” but, giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming that this information is based on some reasonable systematic measurement, the image nicely draws our attention to how some social problems can receive a disproportionate amount of outrage, contributing to their social construction as significant or insignificant social problems (or, alternatively, their social construction as public problems for which outrage is appropriate and useful, versus private problems that have no public policy dimensions).

The graphic speaks for itself.

Sociological Image post also linked to David McCandless' website Information is Beautiful. I think the above image must have been posted there, but I didn't see it when I checked the site out.

I did find all kinds of other goodness though.

Like this infograph about Twitter:

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Isn't stuff like this neat? I think I love infographs. They combine two of my favorite things - random information and cool design.

If his book is anything like his website I just might have to rip it apart and frame some of it. (Yup, I love it enough to destroy it.)

Information is Beautiful has been added to my "Places I love" page.

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