Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amazon drops the ball again

This isn't gonna surprise most people, but it turns out Amazon has screwed up again. This time Amazon has mixed the ratings for the Ray Comfort Origin of Species and the "real" 150th Anniversary Edition Origin of Species (with the Sir Jilian Huxley foreword).

For those who don't know, Ray Comfort (sometimes referred to as the "Banana Man") is a crazy Christian creationist and he uses the fifty page foreword essentially as a tool to spread Christian propaganda. As one rater commented, "This edition is an intentional Trojan horse published exclusively to serve as a vehicle for Ray Comfort's 50 page introduction."

The problem, besides being generally misleading, is whenever a person gives a low rating to Ray Comfort's version (as it deserves), it also gives the real version a low rating. And whenever someone gives the 150th Anniversary Edition Origin of Species a five star rating, it also gives it to the Ray Comort's version (so both books have the same exact ratings and reviews). Also, when you try to use the "look inside" feature of the Ray comfort version it brings up the original version with the proper foreword.

Did that make sense?

Here is a video that explains what's going on:

I know most people won't care, but it's actually important since the ratings of books like these are hard enough to keep up. People, who haven't even read the book, tend to bring down the ratings (out of spite) of any books that are about evolution or atheism. There is also a chance people will read the foreword without any knowledge of who Ray Comfort is and be colored by his opinion.

The main reason I'm posting this is to get the word out and hopefully get more people to email amazon about the problem.

If you do want to email amazon you can do so here. I just copied and pasted a response I found here.

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