Wednesday, October 21, 2009

42% of Americans want to Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

I was just reading an article by Glenn Greenwald over at Salon and I'm kind of shocked to find out that that 42% of Americans favor bombing Iran's "nuclear development sites" and 33% of Americans favor "invading with U.S. forces to remove the Iranian government from power."

Here is the poll released by The Washington Post:

I'm kind of flabergasted so many people are for bombing Iran. I mean, I know I probably shouldn't be but I can't help it. 42% of Americans? Craziness.

The whole article is good, but I especially loves Greenwald's last paragraph:
In the last ten years, the U.S. and Israel collectively have bombed at least six Muslim countries (including Gaza). Despite that, 40% of Americans want to attack yet another one, and 1/3 want to invade. Those are the same people who, if there is another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, will be walking around, eyebrows earnestly raised, innocent, self-righteous and confused, and asking: "why do they hate us??" And their friends and neighbors and leaders will assure them: "they hate us for our freedoms."
Check it out.

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