Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I was reading a post about the movie Where the Wild Things Are on Jezebel and I was really surprised at how many people were bothered by the fact this movie was made (though I suppose I shouldn't have been).

Maybe it’s just because I’m looking forward to this movie, but I don't understand what the big deal is. I get that people get emotionally attached to certain things from their childhood, but should that really get in the way of new artistic explorations and growth?

I also realized I don’t really hold anything as being sacred to the point where it should never be touched. I can separate my feelings for a book from the actual book itself.

Did that make sense?

This movie will never change the memories I have of my mother telling me how her mother used to read Where the Wild Things Are to her when she was a girl and how special it made me feel (my mother almost never read to us).

This movie doesn't make those memories less special. It only makes new memories more accessible to an entire new group of people who may never have read the story or perhaps didn’t have much love for it in the first place.

(A perfect example is Charlie and Chocolate Factory. A lot of people hated the remake and were pissed to all hell when it was made, but I loved it. I just couldn’t get into the original and the remake gave me the opportunity to marvel in something strange and delightful. Are my experiences somehow worth less because they’re based off a remake? Are the people who loved the original no longer allowed their own experiences anymore? Of course not.)

There is little wonder in our day to day lives and this movie is nothing if not full of wonder. So lets revel in it instead of fighting against it.

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  1. Never be surprised at the things the Jezebel commenters can get their panties in a twist over.


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