Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a picture painting ninja

Our car broke down last week and completely ruined all my plans of doping up my loneliness with books and pop-tarts. Luckily, Ryan came home early and has spent the week trying to put the car back together.

Probably not the way he wanted to spend the rest of his vacation, but at least it’s practical.

I almost died without anything new to read though. I just don’t enjoy re-reading books for the most part (though I want to keep every book I read for some odd reason) and knowing I have plenty of books on hold just waiting for me at the library has made it that much worse.

Seriously, I’m surprised Ryan hasn’t left me yet due to my constant bitching about not being able to go to the library. I almost had a heart attack when I realized my "currently reading" shelf on my Goodreads was empty for the first time.

The only bright spot in all this - I’ve been pretty darn productive.

I have: finished my picture for Tiffany, almost finished my picture for Britni, started the background for my sister’s picture, made a picture for Ryan (which is actually based on me really wanted to make him a mix tape yesterday), started another picture (not pictured), and made two collage picture thingamabobs for two of my friends as a surprise for always being so supportive of me.

Not bad huh?

Though part of me wishes I had also felt the need to get some cleaning done, another part of me is feeling positively awesome. I never realized just how much time I spend on my book fix. (Don't worry books, I still love you.)

In fact, I might even go wash some dishes now.


-Keep in mind the flash washes out a lot of the background color and depth.

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