Saturday, September 5, 2009

In which our heroine talks about her addiction once again

I was planning on painting the living room a new color while Ryan and Holden were away, but then I just ended up buying two new books which left me broke and yet thoroughly satisfied.

The only sad part, I read both of them yesterday. I can read pretty fast, but without all my daily responsibilities to keep a rein on my voracious reading appetite, I blew through both of them quicker than I would have imagined.

Now I’m kind of sad.

Good thing I have an ongoing love affair with my library (can you believe Catching Fire already has over 80 holds on the first copy?). I see another stock pile in my near future.

Very near future.

Update: I can’t believe how many awesome books are available at my library (and I’m not talking about the selection, which is great for the most part, but that these books aren’t checked out). People must be reading total crap nowadays or something.

I can’t wait to pick these up tomorrow. (I love that you can put books on hold online. It’s like the easiest convenience ever.)

Maybe ryan should go on vacation more often. :)


  1. NOTHING excites me more than knowing all the books i want are available at the library.

    that feeling is so close to orgasmic it's unreal.

    i think i have issues. :P

  2. oh I'm totally with you!

    Or when you get to pick up a book you've been dying to read for a year or so. Like xmas. :)


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