Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning

This is one of the best paragraphs I think I've ever read over at Jezebel (from "Women Today Are Fat, Unhealthy — And Full Of Themselves"):

It's tough to be a man these days, forced to live up to impossible standards. If only there were some way to make women feel a little worse about themselves, so they'd recognize how plain they were and stop turning down perfectly good blokes. Perhaps some sort of study that scrutinized every aspect of their bodies, all the way down to the feet, and pronounced their very measurements dangerous and unappealing. Then again, those deluded women would probably just ignore it — as Hay says, "it's easier for them to believe their own myths than to face reality - that they are completely ordinary."

If you can't guess, it's about a fat shaming article at the Daily Mail. (Though the article doesn't really shame fat people as usual. In a nice change, the article shames regular/healthy sized women. Way to set the bar Daily Mail...)

It's this sort of tongue-in-cheek writing that I love (though the sarcasm isn't very subtle here).

-You can read the full article here.

Edit: I thought I should share the picture the Daily Mail included in their article so you can get a sense of the bodies they are lambasting as unhealthy and unattractive:

Damn fatties.

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  1. When I saw Daily Mail and fat shaming I thought FOR SURE that Liz Jones' name would be on the byline.


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