Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bring on the autumn

Even though yesterday was hot as hell, I can feel myself acting like it's already fall.

Picture by anh quan

I find myself daydreaming about chili's and stews and all the wonderful fall desserts I end up baking every year. Throw cute sweaters, boots, and dresses with tights in the mix and I'm practically swooning. (Plus Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.)

There's just something about the last few months of the year that feel special to me. Autumn heralds in a more festive time of year and I simply can't wait.


  1. totally with ya on that.

    i LOOOOOVE fall. it's so cozy!

  2. I am SO. READY. FOR. FALL.

    It's not even funny how ready for fall I am. I want to throw away these hot, sweaty days and get my sweaters out. Bring on the hoodies! Bring on the Ugg knock-offs! (I have a pair, but I promise I ONLY wear them with jeans.) Bring on the soup and cider and fall smells and the BEST PART OF ALL: Crunching dead, dry leaves under my feet!


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