Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aryan Nation brouhaha

Each week my Film teacher puts together different links that will prepare us for whatever movie we will be watching.

Last week the links were on Lee Harvey Oswald and the Bay of Pigs and the movie ended up being JFK by Oliver Stone.

The links for today are Mein Kampf, Reverse Discrimination, and the Aryan Nation.

hmmmmm....Our films are always about controversial topics and I'm quite interested to see what tonight's will be.

But look at this gem I found at the Aryan Nation website:
Fanaticism, ruthlessness and consistency must be the character traits of those who wish to join with us in the Aryan Nations. We are not interested - nor do we intend to become - a petty debate club nor are we interested in the kind of problem-oriented futility which characterizes many of the non-mainstream political groups in North America.

The future will be decided by those who embrace evolution and continue to take - again and again - the disciplined steps needed to evolve themselves as individuals - as this microcosmic change shall be the precursor for the execution of macrocosmic change that will not simply be comparable but rather surpass that which has been achieved on an individual level.

It shall only be these individuals who will be willing - and capable - to change the world in a significant way... To redress the imbalance caused by the Jew and their hubristic sycophants and restore this earth to a state of cosmic harmony.

If this change we speak of should herald a descent into Anarchy then we say ‘so be it’ with no regret or apology - for Anarchy is much preferable - and more capable - of causing the break-up of the current so-called ‘superpowers’ into smaller nation-states - than is the domesticated societal situation existent at present.

And it shall be in the smoldering ashes of the downfall of the current System wherein shall be born the seeds for a new global society in which Aryan homelands shall again be a reality; that is, if we have the tenacity, dedication and intelligence necessary to make it a reality.

For those who are brave enough, defiant enough and strong enough to evolve - to cull their own selves of the anti-evolutionary religions, thought processes and politics of the past - and then to cull their planet of all that which stands in the way of our goal of perpetual revolution for our enemies (which equals the spark of life for our people) then we invite you - and challenge you - to join our struggle.


I guess I should be happy that these people embrace evolution, but I don't think this is what Darwin had in mind.

Update: Ryan totally guessed it - the movie was American History X.

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