Friday, August 14, 2009

Pizza - Oh how I love you

I know most people could care less, but I'm craving pizza from The Pie Pizzeria something fierce today.

Seriously, pizza from The Pie is the best. If you ever come to Utah you have to try it out. There is just something about their garlicky dough that speaks to people.

This picture is actually of some random pizza joint in Arizona, by Nick Sherman, but pizza from The Pie looks the same.

Beside Settebello, which is a completely different style of making pizza, there's no place better to get a slice. The downtown location has a very cool vibe and being across the street from The University of Utah gives it that college hangout feel that's always cool.

I have no idea why I felt the need to post this. Maybe I'll start a Utah label and post about some of the cool things Utah has to offer ever so often. It's really not as lame as people assume.

I mean, I'm here. :)

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