Sunday, August 16, 2009


I tend to put a lot of books on hold at my library, but I never expected twelve of them to get filled all at once.

I felt rather silly when the guy at the library brought them all out.



  1. I have a stack of similar height on my bedside table!

    Angels and Demons was pretty good, by the way. I liked The Da Vinci Code better, but still, a good read. A fast read.

  2. That happened to me once. I show up at the library with nothing but one of those cheap Rock the Vote bags that could probably fit about a pound of stuff comfortably before collapsing. And then I get there and there's, like, fucking sixty books sitting on the counter waiting for me, and the lady reminds me I have two weeks to read all of them...and I'm like, "....shit...."

    Just a little story. Sorry if you don't care...=]

  3. Meg: I'm super excited to get started on A&D! I was like the 27th hold on the dang thing lol.

    Dannie: haha! Hopefully you didn’t have to carry them all very far. Luckily our library has a four week check out period. :)


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