Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama’s Reading List

Did any of you see this “Five Books Obama is Reading” feature on the yahoo front page?

The link will take you to a Slate article that compares Obama’s choices with some of those of past presidents and how people might interpret the president’s choices.

I couldn't help but wonder when I read this paragraph:
The Obama selection is not overtly controversial... But his list is also clearly not poll-tested. Women played a key role in Obama's victory in 2008. They're swing voters. And yet all of Obama's authors are white men. The subject of the longest book, John Adams, is a dead white male. Obama couldn't get away with that in an election year, and, given his aides' penchant for cleaning up little things like this, we'll soon see the president with a copy of Kate Walbert's A Short History of Women.

Really? Does anyone actually care? Yes it’s mildly interesting, but I don’t think a glance at a persons reading list will give you any true insight into their person. Let alone be a deciding factor on whether or not you vote for a person.

It’s just books people.

Does it really matter what genre a person enjoys? Is the fact I had a near orgasmic experience when I found out George R.R. Martin might actually release his fifth book sometime this decade some huge signifier of my personality?

I doubt it.

So let's let the man enjoy his books in peace.

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  1. I think books do say something about who and what a person is, however to Judge some one on just a few books is not ideal, unless he owns 4 David Irving Books and Mein Kampf.......


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