Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama aka The Joker

This made the front page a yahoo today, and I gotta admit I actually think this poster of Obama is pretty awesome. (I tend to love this sort of simplistic street-art approach.)

Now don't get me wrong, the "Socialist" label is completely ridiculous and the fact people actually buy into this crap is just another pathetic example of how stupid Americans are in general (because anyone who thinks Obama is a socialist has no real grasp of what being socialist means).

I also don't really get how Obama, even if he was a socialist, can be equated with the anarchist Joker. From a purely aesthetic point of view I think they're well designed though.

Now obviously, the jokerization - yes I just made up that word for the purposes of this post (how do you like them apples?) - of Bush is much more appropriate and actually has some semblance of sense.

But either way it's always nice to see people using creative means to spread their ideas and views.

Even if they are complete bull shit.


  1. These are great, but I think artistically the Bush one is better (and philosophically, too!)

    The problem with this sort of stuff is that, like you said, most Americans are dumb as dirt and so it only takes an image to sway their views. It's quite ridiculous.

    But the art is fun!

  2. i like your blog.

    i don't necessarily agree with everything you say, as someone who was raised conservative, but you make me think and i like that. i'm trying to branch out and evaluate, so i love it.

    i hope i don't come off like an asshole.


  3. Embee: I do worry about how an image like this can inflame people, especially since it seems like people on the fringe have been so angry lately.

    Mrs. M: Thanks and you don't come off as an asshole. lol

    There's nothing wrong with being honest about disagreeing with me. I disagree, loudly, with people all the time. I’ve found that the discussions that follow tend to help me re-evaluate exactly what it is I do think. Sometimes I realize I don’t actually think what I thought I thought. If that made any sense.


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