Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Make Up

I talked about makeup a little in a post the other day and since I have little to talk about, I thought I would expand upon my previous post.

Now, that previous post wasn’t really about makeup. It was about the societal pressures on women to look a certain way and fit a certain mold. In contrast, this post is just about my plain adoration for makeup.

Because I love it.

Oh, how I love it. I started wearing makeup when I was in ninth grade and have never looked back. I always wear makeup when I’m out and feel a bit naked when I don't have any on around the house.

They don’t call it “putting on your face” for nothing.

As with many teenagers, I taught myself how to apply makeup through a lot of trial and error. Coincidentally, this is how I found my style as well. (If only my mother had made good on her promise to photograph my ridiculous clothing journey…) Luckily, I’m a fast learner and have always been willing to play with bold styles.

If I could walk around with makeup like this regularly, I would be a happy camper:

Bright colors, false eyelashes, and glitter...oh my.

Ok, I think the chemicals have gone to my head. My point in all this is...well I'm not sure what my point it, but I do want to share some really great videos I've found on youtube.

Whether you need step by step instruction or are just looking for new ideas, youtube definitely kicks ass in the makeup tutorial department. (How we survived before youtube I have no idea.)

MissChievous is by far my favorite "makeup guru" on youtube. She's just awesome. Not only are her videos great, but she also offers a lot of alternative ideas and drugstore brands - which is great for my poor ass.

I also really love that she does different tutorials for Halloween ideas. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the eyes from her corpse bride video this Halloween:

Wow right? She also has regular wearable makeup tutorials as well though and her Fauxhawk Mohawk! Tutorial is bad ass.

Then there’s Goldie Starling. Her videos are much more eccentric, but just as cool. Just look at this video for a Pixar character contest:

Is that not the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen? Check her out.

And I love this Purple Hazy Look tutorial by Michelle Phan:

I'm not even a big fan of purple and I want to run out and buy some new eyeliner right now.

I’m also diggin this Kate Moss inspired look from Pixiwoo:

I'm a huge fan of silvers and greys.

Ok, I'm starting to get a little carried away, but I think you get my point. Which is...I love makeup I guess. :)

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  1. I've started wearing green eye liner and eye shadow this week and my 8th grade girls are noticing. I used to wear purple, which brings out the green in my eyes.

    I, too, love makeup. It's fun!


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