Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm doing my happy dance

I just got home from my Race, Class, and Gender class and I don’t even have the words to properly explain the love I have for this class.

Seriously, I don’t think there has even been a more appropriate class for me.

Not only does the class center on topics I am already deeply interested in and talk about on this blog (patriarchy, heterosexism, classism, white privilege, racism, etc.), but the Professor also promotes discussion and debate. (Anyone who’s met my talkative ass knows this is how I prefer my learning environment.) There are also a lot of people coming from different perspectives which I think will only enhance the experience.

Since today was our first class I shouldn’t get too excited, but the class played out pretty much like every time my friends and I get together.

I am even looking forward to doing all the reading.

It’s just all kinds of win.


  1. It's awesome when a class is enjoyable and really fullfilling. I have fond memories of taking American Studies (needed some filler units) and other courses that just enriched my education, and gave me a break from all that music ed. crap! : P

  2. I'm psyched for you. I remember friends taking a class with the exact same name and there were lots of discussions after class. Good luck!


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