Monday, August 10, 2009

Damn the fatties

I really enjoyed this post, "Writer Bravely Scorns Fat People," at Jezebel because it highlights what a hypocritical bunch of assholes fat-haters really are (though admittedly that may be only my own contemptuous interpretation).

These people claim to hate “fat” people because of some altruistic concern for the health of these poor flabby fiends, but it doesn’t take much scratching at the surface to realize what a pathetic attempt of justifying their fat-hate that concern really is.

Why is it people always think the best way to solve the problem of obesity is through shame and hate?

You know, I have more respect for people who blatantly admit they hate fat people because they think they’re ugly than I do for this thin veneer of human concern.

I actually got into a similar conversation with Ryan’s brother, Aaron, this weekend when the topic of makeup got brought up through random conversation. Aaron, not too surprisingly, expressed his contempt for makeup. Unlike some other arguments I’ve heard men make against the use of makeup (that it’s somehow akin to “lying” about how a woman really looks is the most common I've heard), Aaron’s disdain came from the societal pressure that makes women feel that they can only be considered beautiful if they wear makeup. There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear makeup but rather the feeling that you have no choice that Aaron had a problem with.

The difficulty I had with Aaron’s argument, though I agree with him on the whole, is his inherent disregard of the bigger issue here. The pressure to wear makeup isn’t the problem; it’s merely a symptom of the objectification of women and the pressure for women to be all things to all people.

To further prove my point, I brought up his well known penchant for thin women. Aaron has stated on numerous occasions that he is only attracted to “thin” women and does not find more robust women attractive. (On another note, Aaron also prefers more “boy-ish” looking bodies. I wonder if this stems from the idea that pre-pubescent women are more “pure” or “unsullied” then women with curvy figures.)

Is the paradox not clear yet? Aaron first claims to not like the idea that women are forced by society to wear makeup, but he also reinforces the societal pressure for women to be thin. And ultimately, the reason woman should be thin isn’t for any health reasons but because that is what he finds sexually attractive.

Of course the first attempt Aaron made to rationalize his preference was to claim he just likes “healthy” woman. Once I pointed out that weight is not a steadfast signifier of health, he amended his statement to liking women who are “healthy looking.”

Do I really need to point out the hypocrisy in all this?

Anyhoo, read the article. It's superb.


  1. One of the last times I commented on an article about one of the fat haters on Jez, I made a similar point to the one this article is making. I just want to know why these people care so much if other people are overweight. Is it hurting them? They blather on and on about how it's self injury and they're hurting themselves, but I fail to see how that affects these fat shamers' lives.

    If that's how they feel about obesity (whether that opinion is right or wrong), they're entitled to her belief, but why do they feel it necessary to go on TV or make statements to magazines as an activist against it? If they truly see it as self harm, why do they care so much if fat people are hurting themselves? Other people's appearance shouldn't, and doesn't, affect the way they live their lives in the least.


    *These statements obviously don't reflect my views on fat/overweight/obese individuals. I'm speaking to the shamers, using their language/beliefs.

  2. I totally agree. Where is the outrage at underweight super models? Where is the outrage when a person eats unhealthy food in movies? Where is the outrage when a rapper talks about drinking Dom Perignon? Should all Alice N Chains albums be banned since they talk about drug abuse?

    If you don’t like fat people cause you’re a douche bag then whatever – at least you’re being honest with yourself. But this hypocritical bullshit just pisses me off.


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