Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Health Care Debate

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been talking about the health care debate (if you can even call it that). As to be expected, I support a public option one hundred percent and there is really no amount of fear mongering or taxes that could make me change my mind.

Not only do I think health care is a right and not a privilege, but I’m also capable of rational thought and health care reform is the only option that makes sense. I can see the logic in changing our health care system and the stupidity in keeping things the same. I’m also one of those millions without insurance in America.

And it sucks.

We pay about three hundred dollars a month for Ryan and Holden to be covered through the insurance at Ryan’s work, but we still have to pay heavy out of pocket fees. Just last month Holden fell while playing at the park and needed two staples from the ER. Next week we have to pay the hundred dollar hospital visit fee our insurance requires.

A hundred freggin dollars. To some people that may mean little, but that’s a week of groceries in our house. That’s a month of cable or a payment on our cell phones. We will have to decide which bill will have to go unpaid this month so we can pay the insurance company.

And if we didn’t have insurance, that hundred dollars would more like five hundred.

It’s just ridiculous and I’m tired of hearing people scream how they want their country back and how god will judge those evil senators for trying to provide health care to the lowly masses. We get it whack jobs. We’re not good enough to deserve health care. Not please shut the fuck up and allow the grown ups to talk.

Anyhoo, since I find the endless stream of disinformation to be a bit burdensome I’ve pretty much shut my mind of to this entire topic. Hopefully I’ll have more substantial health care facts when congress reconvenes in September.

Here’s a video that clears up some of the misconceptions just in case anyone needs it:

There are a lot of questions that should be asked, but these are not some of them. (This is also proof that economics should be at least a year long in high school.)

This whole topic just makes me depressed.


  1. I agree with you. After years of being covered by decent insurance plans for years (a portion of which we paid for), my husband and I had to buy our own plan, which was coincidentally at the same time that my daughter was diagnosed w/asthma and there were a couple other random occurences. Our medical expenses in one year: about $20,000. Yes, we got a tax deduction; however, after putting thousands of dollars into the system over more than a decade, it seemed like something might be wrong with the system when it almost buried us in one year.

  2. This is really starting to piss me off! You had to pay to get your kid seen too! that is madness! Utter madness! Im getting angry and really i dont know why cos i have good old socialised healthcare. Maybe its cos i think it is a right for people to be healthy water ever their income level.


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