Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Sunday

Unfortunately, I have a sore throat today and all I can think of is a steaming bowl of soup with a soft roll to go with it. I also plan on spending the day lying on the couch acting like the lazy bum I truly am.

The rest of my plans for today include giving the graphic novel Persepolis a try and finishing the movie Wilde (I started last night but was unable to finish since the power decided to go out).

(I'm not a fan of people who are too good looking, but Jude Law is scrumptious in this movie.)

Aww...a day doing nothing. Isn't it wonderful?

And on a totally random note, I found this DIY for homemade scratch off lottery tickets and I'm just beside myself with ideas on how to use it. (I'm thinking it might be a fun way to give Holden his chores when he's bigger.)

I just love it.

So that's it for today ambivalent readers, loyal stalkers, and random passer-byers. Hope your having a good weekend.


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