Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Women or objects?

It’s not surprising that companies resort to sexism to try and peddle their goods. Women are historically the “sex class” and sexual objectification of the female body is nothing new, but I must admit I’m constantly amazed at how any criticism towards these sorts of sexist behaviors, is met with such vehement reactions.

A perfect example is this video from Carl’s Jr. asking women to send in videos of themselves eating burgers:

You wouldn't believe some of the comments towards people who have, rightly I might add, commented on the blatant sexism of Carl's Jr.

It seems any resistance to oppression is met with counter-resistance and as long as we don’t challenge the norm or demand equality, everything is fine. The second we dare to try and have a discussion, or even comment, on our inability to see women as fully human, we must be prepared to be bombarded with anger.

Here are some pictures taken Seattle, Washington by Jonathan McIntosh that sum up what I'm saying perfectly:

See my point? We’re not even allowed to have a dialog about this sort of sexual objectification without having to defend ourselves against accusations that we must be “humorless” or “jealous” of “hot chicks.” What these people fail to realize that there is a difference between being proud of your sexuality and existing for the sole purpose to turn men on.

We can’t even give Carl’s Jr. credit for showing women who aren’t afraid to eat because they’ve turned the act of nourishing our bodies into an exhibition in order to elicit a certain response.

I just don't get why men are so determined to be seen as nothing more then a brainless cock. Not only do they fight for that somehow construed "manliness," but many revel in it. And why women willing participate in it I’ll never know.

I think it's time I made some of my own stickers.

-You can read another post about the backlash towards this sort public resistance here. The comments are really thought provoking.

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