Monday, July 6, 2009

Turns out I'm a "deranged palin-basher" responsible for the hardship of women everywhere.

Are you surprised? So was I.

A few days ago, I started looking for more liberal/progressive blogs that focus on politics to follow. I was hoping to find some more like minded people and maybe learn a few tips from people who've been doing this much longer then I have (I haven’t even hit the one year mark yet).

What I found was a bit discouraging.

It seems like a lot of the liberal blogs I came across were kind of snarky and full of bitterness. This, made me concerned that my blog might be giving off the same vibe so I’ve been trying not to bitch so much lately.

One blog in particular, Tennessee Gorilla Woman, looked to be promising. I already follow most of the well know “feminist” blogs and I thought it might be nice to find some lesser known.

Boy was I wrong.

What I didn’t know, is the readers of this blog are hard core Palin fanatics. They don’t really care about what Palin represents or whether her actions hurt other women. To them, any criticism of Palin is an attack on all women. And if you dare to see the other side, then you’re a sexist brainwashed misogynist.

Here is a perfect example: Tennessee Gorilla Woman brought up the treatment of Sarah Palin’s family in a recent post. Now, obviously, there have been some instances where Palin’s family has been treated inappropriately. That we all know. But there was one part I didn’t fully agree with:
People who make these attacks excuse them with the absurd claim that it's okay to trash children when politicos bring their kids out on the national stage. According to this sick theory, appearing with your children during a political campaign makes your children fair game. Maybe that only applies if you are a woman.
I wanted to point out that there was a difference between bringing your children on the campaign trail and treating them like a performing monkey. I was not trying to excuse the treatment of the Palin’s. I was just making an observation. I also think this sort of narrowminded thinking is hurting us as a whole because it excuses the behavior of the media towards male politicians. Chelsea Clinton will always, unfortunately, be the perfect example of how the families of even white male Democratic politicians get treated poorly.

So I commented:
I’m sorry but I don’t fully agree that all children should be exempt. Obviously the treatment towards Trigg has been inappropriate, but I think there is a difference between an innocent infant and a pregnant abstinence only preaching teenager.

The act of setting foot on a stage does not give people the right to attack children, but if a politician’s teenager decides to enter into a political debate as the representative of a political group then we have the right to question that teenager’s authenticity.
I thought my comment was an innocent attempt to enter into the debate. Boy was I wrong.

The response:
what are you blathering about, alana, in your self-righteous defense of Palin-hatred? yeah, egalia [Tennessee Gorilla Woman] no doubt hit a nerve, didn't she and now you're defensive because you've been nailed. So, unless you've been the pregnant teenager of a national political figure, who the hell are you to determine whether or not bristol is "authentic?"

And how irrelevant is that anyway? the point is that you duped and deranged palin-bashers are not merely "questioning the authenticity" of someone else's life, you are all calling bristol "whore" and worse. Letterman, whom you no doubt defended, spent two days using bristol as an excuse to call her younger sister "whore"----and before you mouth off your brainwashed mistruths, letterman himself admitted he was told the very next day that it was the younger sister....and he let another night of slut-shaming her air after he knew!

Another lowlife refered to palin's "retarded" kid...and then used the excuse that he meant bristol.

this is sick behavior, and you'd do well by your own soul, morality and conscience to realize it, admit it and denounce it, instead of making up self-serving bullshit excuses for inexcusable behavior.

we're talking about vile attacks and you and anderson cooper can only deny that you "never" saw or heard any so long before you are called on your bullshit.
Am I the only one who thinks this response was a little much? I can't help but feel like this is the perfect example of why people think feminists are just a bunch of man hating - ball crushing - bitter women. (And I did take Palin's side in the Letterman issue until she insinuated he was a child molester, but of course that doesn't matter to these sort of people.)

And how does bashing a woman because you think she bashes another woman equate in a persons brain? Oh, well. Just another blog were everyone has the toe the line or they're personally attacked.

Feels a bit like high school.


  1. I think you're the one that hit a nerve.

  2. I think the women at Tennessee Gorila Woman are, perhaps, the ones with the problem.

    I, too, have huge problems with Sarah Palin and her trained monkeys--er, children being exploited.


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